Austrian vegetables for the coming barbecue season


For the coming barbecue season, the Burgenland vegetable marketer LGV Sonnengemüse offers a wide range of fresh vegetables from regional cultivation. On offer are not only tried and tested products such as aubergines, young onions and potatoes, but also special products.

“Our Pimientos de Padrón are grown in Wallern by Roswitha and Richard Unger in the Burgenland Seewinkel in the third generation. With this many years of experience, the passionate vegetable farmers have the best prerequisites for trying out new things.” Grown the popular Pimientos de Padrón since 2020. The grilled peppers are available in grocery stores from June to the end of September – freshly harvested from the field to the supermarket shelf.”

Pimientos de Padrón farmers Roswitha and Richard Unger | ©

More than 60 varieties of fresh vegetables and garden herbs are harvested every day by LGV gardeners and vegetable farmers in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and arrive in the food retail trade fresh as a dew. Since 2009, LGV gardener Andrea Steinhart has been growing the tasty, bright purple vegetables in Vienna’s Simmering district. “Andrea is affectionately called ‘Mama von Melanzani’.” Her passion and conviction brought her to this culture. Her goal was to turn the vegetable landscape upside down and create a place for the aubergine in Austrian cuisine – and she did it.”

Melanzani grower Andrea Steinhart, young onion grower Günter Peck & early potato grower Gernot Müllner | ©

Young onions are in season from March to October. In Seewinkel, Burgenland, Günter Peck is the third generation to grow white and red spring onions outdoors. Three hundred days of sunshine and the Pannonian climate ensure optimum ripeness and the particularly fine taste of the young onions. New potatoes also grow and thrive in Austria’s vegetable gardens. Seewinkler Sonnengemüse Farmer Gernot Müllner grows organic new potatoes with passion and dedication on the open land in Pamhagen. The farm has been farmed organically since 2001. “After a successful harvest year, the stocks in his fields are changed so that the potatoes will thrive again next year.”

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