Benefits and advantages of luxury credit cards

Luxury credit cards are generally used by people with high incomes and who seek a variety of exclusive benefits and services, in addition to the common means of payment. Among the most common services and benefits are the miles and insurance program, but the luxury credit card still reserves several other differentials for its customers. Check out the most common benefits:

Discounts on purchases

Luxury cards usually offer discounts on purchases made at partner establishments, such as half-price tickets to events and cinemas, something already offered on regular cards. But in addition, luxury cards offer discounts on other luxury purchases, such as jewelry and wine. There are card companies that offer luxury car installments, with extras such as armor, for example; in this case, it is necessary to pay the entrance fee of 50% and, at the end, points can still be accumulated in mileage programs.


Another very common benefit is that of concierge. The luxury credit card offers reservations for shows, hotels, tours, restaurants and even when planning a trip. They also help in cases of problems with the car or luggage, pets and suggestions for shows to watch. Among the treats, you can also plan a surprise party or arrange for the driver to pick you up somewhere. This concierge service attracts because it is very personalized, meeting the specific demand of each client, such as a secretary or personal assistant.

Restaurant Discounts

It is also possible to take advantage of discounts at restaurants, such as the Gourmet Experience program that works in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, where the client and his companion have a 50% discount on the main course and dessert, valid at 24 restaurants. The Surpreenda Gourmet program works all over Brazil in the system of buying a main dish and winning another one.

VIP guest in luxury hotels

When purchasing a luxury credit card, many people want status. And to supply this desire, the main brands offer advantages to their customers in hotels and resorts around the world. With the concierge service, it is possible to take advantage of a series of benefits, such as different treatment, internet access, discount vouchers, late check out and much more.

Exclusive events

Luxury credit card customers are also entitled to participate in exclusive events. Visa Infinite, for example, promotes the Visa Infinite Experience, with events that include entertainment, cuisine and fashion in different cities. MasterCard Black, on the other hand, organizes exclusive shows for its customers, with the right to a companion and a bottle of wine. Even at non-exclusive events, luxury card customers are entitled to exclusives such as a free bottle of champagne, free valet service and ticket delivery before all others purchased (in this case, it is common to charge a convenience fee for delivery).

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