Bhagyashree Shares the “Perfect Weightwatcher Vegetable That Lowers Cholesterol and Regulates Blood Sugar”


Needless to say, hydration is a must, especially during Summer. While drinking at least eight glasses of water is mandatory, increasing your water intake through seasonal fruits and vegetables is just as important. One such summer-friendly food is lauki or bottle gourd – this is a water vegetable.

Actor Bhagyashree Dassani shared on Instagram why Dudhi or Lauki or Gourd is a must.

“With the onset of summer, we all need to increase our water intake. Adding water vegetables like dudhi/lauki/cucumber is really beneficial. Luckily my husband has a green thumb, so mostly vegetables are homemade. Easily digestible, it is a perfect vegetable for weight watchers as it both lowers and regulates cholesterol levels blood sugar. It also acts as a coolant and reduces acidity because it’s basic,” she said as part of her #TuesdayTip series.

She added that it can be used in soups, salads and as a thickening agent in sauces.

Here are some other benefits

With 92 percent water and eight percent fiber, it is considered one of the healthiest vegetables for diabetes. According to studies conducted by researchers at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in 2012-13, the juices of 13 commonly available vegetables were found to inhibit the activity of an enzyme associated with the development of type 2-Diabetes mellitus and obesity associated. After radish, bottle gourd helped down-regulate or inhibit the activity of the enzyme — protein tyrosine phosphatase 1 beta, which plays a role in increasing insulin resistance and decreasing insulin sensitivity, the studies found.

It is also said to drink freshly squeezed bottle gourd Juice mixed with some lime juice is one of the best natural remedies to treat urinary tract infection.

It also contains a good amount of choline — a type of neurotransmitter — that helps improve brain functions and prevent stress.

One can also replenish the natural glucose in the body by drinking it Juice every day after training.

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