Eight items that are always available at Aldi


ALDI is fast becoming a favorite in the US.

With over 2,000 stores in 36 states, this giant grocery chain offers plenty of great deals despite rising inflation, but there are items to avoid and others that will give you the best bang for your buck.


Aldi has over 2,000 stores in 36 states

Like other retailers, Aldi offers shoppers its customized branded products, which tend to be cheaper than other branded items.

In fact, most of their products are private label only, ensuring buyers are getting the best deal without sacrificing taste.

These are the top eight items you should always buy from Aldi and some to avoid.

1. Wine

Aldi wines are appetizing, affordable and award-winning.

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Whether you enjoy red wine, white wine or sparkling wine, Aldi has a large range of vino to stock up on.

With over 30 wines to choose from, many of their fan favorites sell for as little as $10.

Buyers recommend their Spanish Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc or their Flora and Stone Merlot.

2. Bread

Aldi’s bread selection does not disappoint.

They have everything from brioche, whole wheat bread, buns, Italian bread, bagels and even English muffins to name a few.

Their prices usually beat most of the competition as they sometimes sell for dollars less than other major retailers.

You may be able to save even more if you buy bread that has an expiration date of five days or less.

3. Canned food

Aldi’s canned goods like broth, beans, tomatoes, applesauce or assorted veggies are usually great items for those looking to save money but don’t want to sacrifice flavor.

One blogger found his broth can be found anywhere from 49 cents to 99 cents, crushing its competitors.

4. Yogurt

Their yogurt selection is a fan favorite as bloggers can’t stop raving about it.

Their branded yoghurt is specially available in all different flavors and can start from as little as 70 cents.

In fact, most of Aldi’s dairy products are not only tastier, they are definitely cheaper.

5. Organic Items

Sometimes the term organic can mean more expensive.

At Aldi, they’ve expanded their organic product selection by offering more USDA-certified organic and non-GMO items.

Their SimplyNature branded foods are a good choice and some popular products include lettuce, spinach, baby food, snacks, frozen berries, milk and grass-fed beef.

Most are free of any additives and are priced lower than other health food stores.

6. Baking Basics

Aldi’s baking must-haves tend to be cheaper than traditional grocery stores.

Things like sugar, flour, oil, butter, and cornstarch can be great options, especially if you plan to buy them in smaller quantities.

7. Coffee

For those who cannot work from the start, you should try the Aldi brand.

Aldi coffee is always on the must-have list of coffee snobs.

It might cost a few bucks more, but for those who make it, it’s definitely worth the hype.

8. Weekly Meat Deals

Discount meat at Aldi happens every week.

Many Aldi admirers and employees say these deals usually take place on Wednesdays.

Shoppers love their Fresh Meat Special Buy and have historically been able to get items like pork chops for less than $3 a pound.

Because their stores buy local produce, the cost of transportation is much lower, allowing them to offer cheaper prices.

Things to avoid at Aldi

Although Aldi tends to offer much cheaper prices than the competition, they don’t always get it right.

There are products that are cheaper or even better in other stores.

For example, many shoppers say the produce section is hit or miss.

Some claim that their produce is either overripe at the time of purchase or spoils quickly.

Paper products are another item you should probably shop elsewhere, as shoppers tend to find better prices when buying in bulk at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.

Since Aldi doesn’t accept coupons, many have found that you can save a lot more by using coupons on paper products from other retailers.

Buyers should always avoid branded goods at Aldi.

Since they don’t accept coupons, buying branded items like soda or chips is a surefire way to spend more at the grocery chain.

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Aldi promises prices will remain low despite inflation.

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