Essential and must-try vegan dishes in Tucson


15 delicious and local vegan dishes

Tucson’s vegan food scene continues to grow at an exciting rate.

With the endless vegan options the city has to offer, making the big decision on where to enjoy your next meal can be difficult. Although, it’s a good problem to have.

The Vegetarian Delight at La Indita (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

You’ll also find plenty of vegan versions of your old favorites. So if you ever crave a taste of your more traditional choices, you can still indulge yourself without animal products.

Whatever your cravings, this ultimate vegan nutrition guide has you covered. Here we give you a list of 15 delicious vegan options at some of Tucson’s best restaurants (In no particular order).

substance diner

1015 S. Park Avenue.

Place your order at the Substance Diner Food Truck and enjoy your meal outside Motosonora Brewing Company (dog friendly) outdoor patio or take out. Don’t forget – the Substance Diner menu is 100% vegan.

My favorite order: substance burger with beer mushrooms, Caesar salad with kale with beer mushrooms, dinner fries, and a side of ranch and ketchup for dipping.

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Renee’s Bio Oven

7065 E Tanque Verde Rd.

renees Vegan crush pizza – a savory red sauce mixed with vegan pesto and topped with fresh zucchini, sweet Kalamata olives, crisp broccoli, flavorful artichokes and crunchy bell peppers.

Add some daiya for this traditional cheese train and add garlic knots and your dessert of choice for a perfect pairing. Also ask for her new one Vegan box Take away special and something for everyone.

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2526 E. Sixth Ave. • 402 E. Fourth St.

With its fresh, organic, and nutritious Latin-inspired cuisine, Tumerico offers some of the best vegan tamales in town. Sink your fork in Red Chili Jackfruit Tamales with green olive potatoes and jalapeño.

Foodie Tip: Tumerico changes their menu daily, so be sure to call to check food availability.

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1730 E Speedway Blvd.

All of Noodies’ fresh, handmade pasta is vegan, with the exception of their fettuccine.

Enjoy their fruity soft serve ice cream and don’t leave without trying their homemade creation Pasta fries — crispy French fries in a sauce of your choice. Stick to tomato basil and ask for it no cheese to make everything vegan.

Further information follows Noodies on Instagram.

Ensenada street food

1602 S. Park Avenue.

Among the variety of vegan options at Ensenada Street Food, the pastor vegan tacos and chilaquiles consistently stand out and shine as my top contenders.

Further information follows Ensenada Street Food on Instagram.

Tohono Chul Garden Bistro

7366 N. Paseo Del Norte

Surround yourself with a beautiful array of plants at Tohono Chul’s Garden Bistro. That Graze Lunch Bowl is vegan as it is with vegan sausage, spinach, corn, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, shallots, I’ltoi onions, mashed potatoes, poblano and a vegan herb aioli.

Order the refreshment Sandia and rocket salad and sub-balsamic vinaigrette to make it vegan.

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The 81 Hong Kong Cafe

625 E. Wetmore Rd. #109

Out of Fried tofu with lemon pepper to Brown sugar ice jellythe vegan options at The 81 Hong Kong Cafe will satisfy any craving.

Look out for the many vegan symbols on the menu and take a look when you’re there basil eggplant, one of my current favorites.

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Vivace restaurant

6440 N Campbell Avenue.

Vivaces Vegan Bolognese Properties well seasoned Beyond meat and mushrooms with penne pasta and vegan parmesan cheese.

Added to this is her open Italian style Vegetarian Beyond Meat Burger can be made vegan if you request their homemade vegan cheese.

For more information visit Read our February 2022 article “Vivace Named One of OpenTable’s 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America.”

Del Cielo Tamales

3073 N Campbell Avenue.

The vegan Taco Dorados Platte is high on my list of Del Cielo favorites.

Three crispy tacos filled with vegetable meat and beans and topped with fresh vegetables, spicy pickled onions and vegan cheese. Served with delicious rice and salsa on the side.

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La Indita

722 N. Steinallee.

Did you know that La Indita’s delicious creamy beans and soft rice are always vegan? In fact, all vegetarian dishes marked with the red asterisk on the menu can be made vegan, except for the green sauce and the mole.

My personal recommendation is The vegetarian pleasure – a special combo plate featuring potato taco, spinach enchilada, mushroom spinach tostada and served with beans and rice (don’t ask for cheese on the beans).

Further information follows La Indita on Facebook.

Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria

2707 E. Broadway Blvd.

That mushroom huge Deep dish pizza at Rocco’s Little Chicago is a delicious grilled mix of portabello and white mushrooms with onion and garlic. Add Spicy Hot Sticks with pizza sauce (NOT marinara) since it’s vegan.

Foodie Tip: Mention that you want to serve both dishes vegan to avoid cheese or ranch dressing.

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Yoshimatsu Japanese restaurant

2741 N Campbell Avenue.

With pages of so many delicious, colorful options, Yoshimatsu makes it easy to find the many vegan options on their menu.

That Mushroom Ginger RamenBilled as an immune system booster, with three flavors of mushrooms including maitake and fresh veggie sushi rolls, they never fail to impress. Also, try the Tempura asparagus roll – it is 10/10 delicious.

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Urban fresh

73 E Pennington St.

Urban Fresh treats its BLT lovers to TLC.

Crispy rice paper bacon nestled between crisp lettuce leaves, thick, juicy sliced ​​tomatoes and topped with sliced ​​onions, creamy avocado and rich hummus. The crunch of their rice paper bacon is incredibly satisfying, you won’t regret this healthy take on an American classic.

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3000 E. Broadway Blvd.

Find vegan mozzarella and homemade vegan sausage at Falora — an analog neighborhood eatery (they spin records instead of streaming music online) that offers wood-baked Napoli pizza.

My favorite order: La floral flora Pizza, with its perfect blend of roasted florets and poblanos and that Hazelnut gnocchiwarm dumplings swim in a spicy vegetable broth with a ginger glaze.

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Mediterranean restaurant Zayna

1138 N. Belvedere Ave.

The combination of roasted cauliflower with creamy hummus and buttery tahini sprinkled with cumin and topped with crunchy pickles, juicy sliced ​​tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and onions on Greek pita is absolute perfection. The only thing left to do after ordering Zayna’s Cauliflower Sandwich is your choice of fries or a side salad.

Their falafel sandwich is also vegan.

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