Freiburg kindergartens and schools are removing meat and fish from the canteen menus


State kindergartens and schools in Freiburg im Breisgau removed meat and fish from their menus after a vote on Tuesday evening.

Schools and kindergartens in Freiburg are introducing purely vegetarian menus

For the coming school year children take part schools and kindergartens in which German city Only vegetarian food is served in canteens. The municipal council met on Tuesday evening poll on the proposal, with 27 votes in favor and 14 against. School meal prices are set to rise soon and the application was made with the intention of effectively saving money. More expensive animal products were therefore the first to go.

Schools and kindergartens are also taking steps to put more organic products on the menu. Currently 20 percent of the ingredients used are organic, and this will increase to 30 percent. And considering that Friborg schools serve more than 500,000 meals to students each year, the transition is likely to have a significant societal and environmental impact.

So far, the decision has met with some criticism from parents’ council members and the Ministry of Agriculture Stuttgart. Corresponding Berlin newspaper, the ministry said: “Children should be able to develop their own tastes as they grow up. That includes eating meat.” So far, there have always been two options where fish and meat were offered.

Vegetarianism in Germany

Freiburg, which is surrounded by the Black Forest in the southern federal state southern state of Baden-Württemberg, is known for its environmentally conscious policy as “the green city of Germany”. However, People’s meat-eating habits are changing all over Germany as the links between animal husbandry and climate change become increasingly difficult to ignore.

Traditional german food is not always vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but supermarkets now offer many inexpensive vegan and vegetarian variants of salami and bratwurst or regional dishes like spaetzle and Maultaschen.

Further north, in Berlin last year, University canteens switched to an almost entirely vegan and vegetarian menuan initiative of students. Many people (canteen) menus in the German capital are now 68 percent vegan, 28 percent vegetarian and 2 percent fish, with a single meat option.

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