Global Processing Inc acquires specialty soybean processing facility in Hope, MN


Local soybean farmers and global buyers of soy products will benefit from Global Processing’s expanded footprint and processing capabilities.

The acquisition is a win for the NON-GMO and organic soy industry.

HOPE Min., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Processing, an emerging leader in NON-GMO and organic food ingredients, has signed an agreement to purchase a soy processing facility in New York Hope, Minnesota. The location in Steele County was strategically selected as part of Global Processing’s expansion plan to enhance service and product offerings to soybean customers around the world. The facility is currently 90% operational and ready for trial operation until harvest 2022. Full operation will occur by December of this year.

The acquisition will have a positive impact on local farmers who are able to produce high-quality soybeans. “There is a strong base of experienced soybean producers in the region Hope characterized by growing the best food quality soy,” said Carey Williams, CEO at Global Processing. “We are excited to partner with these growers and provide them with a competitive marketing channel for their specialty soybeans.”

The new Global Processing facility will enable the company to better serve its customers around the world. It is close to five operating shipping container yards serving the East Coast, West Coast and South Coast United States of America ports. “Faced with the challenging global container access issues of 2021, our company has prioritized and escalated this acquisition in direct response to the needs of our customers,” he said Rob Prather, Chief Ambassador at Global Processing. “The operation provides capacity support for existing specialty products that are underserved by market demand. In addition to the current product lines, he will deliver new products, proteins and ingredients that will help shoppers work more efficiently. This leads to less dependency on logistics and thus contributes to a reduced global footprint.”

Global Processing Inc

Global Processing supplies customers around the world with high-quality, value-added agricultural food products. It is a small but fast growing company with offices in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota. Global Processing’s core product offering has historically been specialty soybeans. In recent years the company has expanded into additional products such as high oleic soybean oil, organic soybean meal/oil and organic corn. Visit for more information.

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