Gov. Hochul announces 11 transformation projects in Buffalo as part of $10 million award for downtown revitalization initiative


Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood was named a DRI Round 5 winners in 2021. The specific projects to be funded by the DRI contain:

Broadway Market Improvements – DRI Price: $2,500,000

The main entrance of the market will be opened to accommodate amenities such as a foyer with a directory, public information booth, flower stand and ATMs; creating an outdoor farmers market; shift of rental space on Broadway to be replaced by food vendors; and improving circulation throughout the market.

Pedestrian Experience Improvements – DRI Price: $1,766,850

This project involves catalytic state-of-the-art investments signpost and signage, new street lighting that is energy efficient and improves public safety, tree planting and new public amenities such as outdoor public seating and flower pots to create a more welcoming public space for residents and visitors.

Construction of the Buffalo Central Terminal Great Lawn – DRI Price: $1,000,000

This unused lawn will be transformed into a welcoming and highly active green space for year-round use, including recreational activities, organized sporting events and events to generate interest and support for future building uses.

Renovation of 239 Lombard to offer childcare and train childcare workers – DRI Price: $1,000,000

The first two floors of the existing property are being renovated to be suitable for children care facility which could care for up to 90 children and employ at least 20 staff, as well as a facility for training childcare workers.

Creation of an innovative organic container farm – DRI Price: $664,000

This abandoned building and adjacent parking lot will repurposed into a 1 hectare container farm. The solar powered facility will support packaging and include office space. This will provide an area known as the food desert with locally grown organic produce.

Revitalizing Sears Paderewski Park – DRI Price: $630,000

The park is being redeveloped to create a multipurpose meeting place with new tree plantings hardscapeand amenities, as well as play equipment, a new pavilion and public space. The pavilion will serve as a gathering place for small-scale performances, outdoor markets and a shaded, accessible playground.

Creating affordable housing player Gardens at the market DRI Price: $550,000

The project will create 62 units of the replica development consisting of a variety of affordable housing types ranging from single family rentals to stacked three-story garden-style multi-family units with a total living space of over 64,000 square feet.


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