Government gift to cattle owners; Rs. 10,800 is given annually to farmers who raise cows


Madhya Pradesh government provides subsidies to farmers who raise cows. This initiative was taken by the government to promote natural agriculture.

Madhya Pradesh Government will pay Rs. 900 per month to farmers who raise cows

The use of chemical fertilizers in the fields not only reduces the fertility of the soil, but also has caused great harm to general human health. Vegetables grown with chemical fertilizers invite dangerous diseases like cancer. For this reason, the use of organic fertilizer has been promoted in recent years.

For this reason, the use of organic fertilizer has been promoted in recent years.

Farmers will be provided with Rs. 900 every month

Madhya Pradesh Government gets Rs. 900 per month which adds up to Rs. 10,800 per year to farmers who raise native cows for natural farming. Apart from that, farmers can make good profits by selling milk. In addition, cow dung and urine can also be used as fertilizer in the fields.

CM Shivraj explained during a program that the farmer who takes over natural farming by raising cows gets Rs. 900 per month from the treasury.

He explained that our planet’s health is deteriorating due to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in cow rearing. Because of this, the food and the environment get polluted.

These food and environmental contaminants lead to health concerns.

CM Shivraj said that this year he will practice natural farming on 5 acres of land and recruit people to provide training in natural farming methods.

Benefits of Cow Manure

Shivraj Singh Chouhan further said that one cow dung and cow urine is enough for 30 acres of land.

Using cow manure and urine as slurry has many advantages such as: B. that it is cheap and natural, has no side effects on the plants, the plants use less water and the plants produced have few to no defects.

First published on: May 21, 2022 04:40 AM IST


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