Increased vegetable prices make life difficult for the common people



A vegetable seller selling vegetables in Bhopal on Saturday.

Employee reporter:

It is not just rising gasoline and diesel prices that are causing nightmares for ordinary people. Vegetable prices have also risen and citizens are now finding it difficult to manage kitchen expenses. The Corona period has brought many problems for the common people. Firstly, their revenues have been cut and, secondly, gasoline and diesel prices are at an ever higher level. In addition, vegetable prices have also swelled. Many poor people and common people have started buying vegetables in less ways to manage the budget.

The price of tomatoes is Rs 40 per kg. Likewise, Lady Finger, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd are sold between Rs 40 per kg to Rs 50 per kg. The rates of leafy green vegetables like palak have also increased. The onion, which is an essential part of the kitchen, has also increased. Good quality onions are sold for 60 rupees per kg. The inferior onion is sold for Rs 40 per kg. Vegetables are gradually moving away from the reach of the poor and marginalized sections of the population. The common man finds himself in a difficult position managing the kitchen budget in the face of rising vegetable prices. In addition, cooking oil has also become an expensive proposition.

In order to manage the kitchen budget, common people have started buying vegetables in smaller quantities. Usually green vegetables get cheap in the monsoon season, but this time the situation is reversed. One of the reasons for this is likely that the scant rainfall has reduced the production of green vegetables.



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