New Report Shows Americans’ Thanksgiving Tables Will Be Expanding This Year


After spending more time cooking at home, 70% of Americans report feeling confident or excited about their hosting responsibilities this Thanksgiving

BOSTON, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It seems that sharing a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family over Zoom is a thing of the past. After two years of turning holiday celebrations upside down due to the pandemic, Americans are anxious to return to their larger holiday gatherings.

According to a recent study by ButcherBox, the leading direct-to-consumer meat brand, 32 percent of Americans expect their Thanksgiving gatherings to increase year-over-year, with nearly a third of respondents (30 percent) reportedly having between 10 and 19 people at their table this year. An increase in table size means a reduction in hospitality requirements, as nearly half of Americans want to celebrate Thanksgiving as guests, almost twice as many as last year.

As the table size increases, the composition of the people at the table also changes. Nearly half of respondents (42 percent) said they will celebrate the holiday with friends in addition to immediate and extended family, and more than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) say they will celebrate more than one special Thanksgiving – Celebrations this year, including Friendsgiving celebrations.

Whether it’s roasting, slow cooking, or frying, Americans feel confident Turkey culinary skills this year. It seems that Americans have become increasingly comfortable in the kitchen since the pandemic, with 36 percent of Americans reporting feelings of excitement and 33 percent feeling confident as they tackle this Thanksgiving staple.

“It’s no secret that as Americans have become more accustomed to cooking and eating at home, more and more inexperienced home cooks are crowding into the kitchen to learn new skills,” he said Mike Salguero, Founder and CEO of ButcherBox. “With food at the heart of many holiday celebrations, it’s great to see Americans finding confidence in the kitchen, hosting again, and gathering around the table with friends and family to celebrate old traditions and create new ones.”

Though sentiment is bright this Thanksgiving, inflation worries are plaguing the nation as more than half of Americans (56 percent) report expecting inflation to affect their hosting skills this Thanksgiving. With larger gatherings expected this year, hosts are feeling some strain on their wallets.

To offset inflation concerns, ButcherBox Head Chef, Yankel Polakweighed some simple meal prep tips to help consumers gather around the table stress-free:

  • Rethink the traditional menu – Challenge your traditional menu by getting inventive in the kitchen and adding a few twists to your Thanksgiving side dishes. Make sure you cut out things that are “extra” or not normally eaten.
  • Share the hosting tasks – Invite your guests to be in charge of 1-2 dishes, help keep host costs low and allow guests to showcase their favorite or signature dishes and by bringing different cultures in include the food.
  • Get a free turkey. That’s right, free.
  • Level up your leftovers – Thanksgiving sandwiches don’t have to be the only creations left. Get creative with your leftovers and create different dishes using ingredients you have at home such as: turkey hash, Curried Turkey Soup, turkey panor bone broth.

survey methodology

Results are based on a Pollfish survey of 2,000 US residents 18 and older celebrating Thanksgiving using Random Device Engagement survey technology. A full report analysis is available upon request.

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