Odisha government focuses on improving fruit and vegetable production


The Odisha government has directed the Horticulture Department to improve production of some fruits and vegetables to meet market demand in the state.

At a virtual meeting of the Micro-Irrigation Sanctions Committee, Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra directed the department to conduct a detailed study of the state’s production and needs of fruits and vegetables such as mango, guava, papaya, lemon, onion and tomato.

According to an official publication on Tuesday, he urged officials to increase the production of these crops through a concrete action plan and the spread of micro-irrigation.

The Secretary-General stressed the need to popularize sprinklers and drip methods among farmers whose land is near artesian wells, deep wells and smaller irrigation points. These methods will improve the efficiency and sustainability of irrigation sources and also increase the productivity of the country.

Previously, the cluster approach for the promotion of bananas, guavas and papayas was adopted in several districts.

The government has set a target to encourage cultivation to over 1,260 hectares this year, up from 1,015 hectares in 2021-22.

Mohapatra nodded to an action plan of around Rs 531 crore for 2022-23 to invest in the promotion of over a lakh hectares of vegetable, legume, oilseed, coconut and orchards.

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