People touched by “Vegetable Bag” show “smiles” and feel confident


In the past two days, people in Shenyang were very “happy” to share them on social media – everyone posted the “vegetable bag” they received, and many people used vegetables to attach various smileys and thank-you words to her words to express inner emotion and confidence to win the fight against the pandemic.

“The vegetable bag that my family received is incredible. There are ten kinds of vegetables, eggplant, onion, enoki mushroom, cucumber, radish and other vegetables, which are enough for my family for a week!” After receiving these vegetables, Ms. Yang, who lives in Dadong District, Shenyang, made Photos of this vegetable and shared them with friends on social media, which caused the jealousy of many people. The shape of the vegetables Ms. Yang sent was very “special” – her son made a “smiley face” out of vegetables, conveying the optimistic spirit of Shenyang people.

In the past few days, nearly 1,000 tons of vegetables have been continuously shipped to Shenyang from Anshan, Jinzhou and other places, and these vegetables have been delivered to the homes of needy residents as soon as possible. The timely support of vegetables is not only a favorable supplement to Shenyang’s livelihood, but also increases Shenyang’s people’s determination to overcome the epidemic, making people feel warmer and more confident.



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