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We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you some super fun out of the hood.

Has anyone been here?
1199 El Camino Real, San Bruno

OMG, I was looking for gas at 280/380 when a Putin-eating dinosaur jumps out of nowhere – El Camino Real on Sneath Lane, across from Chase.

Turns out this station has a heck of a lot more than gas and shriveled hot dogs rounding metal rollers. Dear citizens, meet the future! introduction The Hangry Planet – North America’s first vegetable market.

A Shell station with affordable gas (that’s news in itself) that offers a free oat milk soft serve with every fill up!

Always the same crappy gas station food, just a little less crappy and 100% vegetarian. Organic Potato Chips and Faux Egg Breakfast Sandwiches in a hot box.

Vegan buffalo wings and “chicken” taquitos in the freezer.

Or maybe it’s jerky you’re craving?

Even the car wash has soul.

Don’t forget your complimentary ice cream on the way out. 🙂

The Hangry Planet
North America’s premier vegetable market
1199 El Camino Real, San Bruno

– Photos by LSIC

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