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Listing by the Organic Materials Review Institute enables the company’s SaveProtect Organic® for use in controlled organic production and processing

MIAMI, FL, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Save Foods, Inc. (SVFD) (FSE:80W) (“Save Foods” or the “Company”), an agro-food technology company focused on organic crop protection that helps reduce food waste and ensure food safety announced today that it is SaveProtect Organic® Plant treatment to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (“OMRI”), an international non-profit organization that conducts independent verification of products intended for use in certified organic production and processing . OMRI listed® Products may be used in certified organic production and processing under the USDA National Organic Program.

“The organic fruit and vegetable industry faces a very difficult task when dealing with short shelf life and limited available solutions, as high waste and transportation issues result in higher costs,” commented Dan Sztybel, CEO of Save’s Israel subsidiary foods “With the listing on OMRI, Save Foods is now better positioned to bring significant value to the organic market by offering efficient and affordable solutions to address these challenges.”

The organic fruits and vegetables market is the largest and fastest growing segment of the global organic food market and is expected to reach US$68.50 billion by 2028. Organic foods have gained popularity in part due to their health benefits. The health consequences associated with non-organic products are well established, with around 385 million people currently suffering from pesticide poisoning each year.

To address risks associated with the use of pesticides, the EU Commission launched the Field to Fork initiative, a program that aims to drastically reduce the use of pesticides in the food supply chain. Similar initiatives are underway in the US, with the Biden administration enacting regulatory changes for the pesticide industry.

An extended shelf life offers growers, retailers and consumers a longer window to transport, sell, store and consume products. Non-toxic and easy to use, Save Foods’ solutions not only extend shelf life, but provide a high level of food safety that consumers benefit from.

Save Foods is committed to supporting the transition to more sustainable agriculture, meeting consumers’ growing need for organic and residue-free food while protecting the environment. Listed as OMRI® Product, SaveProtect Organic® may be used as an inert ingredient in combination with permitted pesticide active ingredients under the USDA National Organic Program.

About Save Foods:

Save Foods is an innovative, dynamic company that addresses two of the biggest challenges in the agri-food industry: food waste and loss, and food safety. We strive to deliver integrated solutions for improved safety, freshness and quality every step of the way from field to fork. Working closely with our customers, we develop new solutions that benefit the entire supply chain, improving the safety and quality of life of both workers and consumers. Our initial applications are post-harvest treatments in fruit and vegetable packers processing products such as citrus, avocado, pears, apples and mangoes.

By controlling and preventing pathogen contamination and significantly reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and their residues, the Save Foods treatment not only extends the shelf life of fresh produce and reduces food loss and waste, but also ensures a safe, natural and wholesome product.

For more information, visit our website: SAVE FOODS – SAVE FOODS

Forward-Looking Statements:

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