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Many Nigerian families usually include vegetables in their daily menu because they add flavor to their dishes. Little did they know that some vegetables have benefits beyond flavor and aroma. DEBORAH OCHENI reports.

Making vegetables a part of your daily menu is one of the most powerful ways to influence your body’s performance in all areas of health, including sex. Spinach has been considered one of the best testosterone-boosting foods by both nutritionists and doctors.

Research has shown that for those ready to embrace a more energetic sex drive, spinach might just hit the spot. While there are many nutritional supplements that can give you the boost to be sexually active, nothing beats natural foods.

Spinach, commonly referred to as “Efo” or green spinach, is one of the best dietary sources of magnesium. According to research, magnesium is a mineral that is actually involved in muscle development and is important and essential for reproductive function in old and young men who are sedentary and active.

Benefit of spinach

Eating spinach gets you in the mood by increasing blood flow below the belt. “Spinach is high in magnesium, a mineral that reduces inflammation in blood vessels and increases blood flow,” explains Cassie Bjork in Healthy Simple Life.

Similarly, psychotherapist and sex expert Tammy Nelson said that eating spinach increases circulation and gets blood flowing to the extremities, which, like Viagra, can increase arousal and make sex more pleasurable.

“Women will find it easier to have an orgasm and men will find that erections come more naturally, so you can make each other swoon with spinach,” he said. dr Ijaja Onuche, executive director of Nissi Hospital, confirmed that the presence of Viagra in spinach makes it a good meal for those looking to improve their libido.

“Spinach is healthy and very nutritious, it contains the Viagra element and Viagra helps delay ejaculation while promoting stigma. Spinach is a good meal for those looking to improve their libido. Another natural herbal blend that activates male vitality with safe, powerful, all-natural and fast-acting testosterone that excels in support is Perfomax and Revive,” added Onuche.

Ms. Mary Ochigbo, a teacher, said that she eats spinach because it nourishes the body. “Spinach belongs to the class of vegetables, and vegetables are very nutritious for the body, nourishing the body and giving a glowing skin,” she said.

Aishat Bello, a pregnant woman who spoke to Inside Abuja at a vegetable store, said she buys spinach because her doctor advised her to eat lots of vegetables. “I’ve just come from the hospital where I went for prenatal care and the matron who looked after me said I should eat vegetables, I’m from the north, we northerners grow spinach.

expert view

Alefo, as we call it in my dialect, has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other vegetables,” Bello said. Lateefat Bolade, mother of two, eats spinach because it is very affordable and easy to prepare for my family of four per day. I don’t know if it improves libido, I only eat it because it’s affordable and nutritious,” he said.

Celina Attah, an official, said spinach actually has many health benefits. “I am aware that spinach improves libido, my friend who is a nutritionist told me about this a while back and this encouraged me to add spinach soup to our daily menu and believe me it works that well” , she said.

Ladi eko, a businesswoman, eats spinach because it’s a blood booster “I eat spinach soup because it’s a blood booster, not because it improves libido, I don’t even know that it improves libido, but after all, everything has blood gives, the ability to boast libido . All my kids like it, so I do it a lot,” she said. It’s a completely different story with Janet Uzo, who doesn’t like the vegetables.

“Spinach doesn’t work at all. I don’t like the spinach soup because it softens easily. For my vegetable soup, I like to make pumpkin and water leaves. Spinach is a turn off for me and my family. I’m not aware that it improves libido and we don’t eat it often,” she said.

Menfolk Paul Aguda, official, is unaware that spinach improves libido, but he may have been eating the rich vegetable soup for a long time. “Maybe I need to ask my wife because I really don’t know what I eat besides rice. I eat what is available at home. I don’t know if spinach increases libido, I’ll pick it up with her and include it in my meal.”

John Adikpe, Entrepreneur, Loves Spinach But Doesn’t Know Its Health Benefits “I eat spinach because I love vegetables in general. Vegetables are very nutritious for the body, I don’t know that they improve libido, but we eat them a lot,” he said. Chimeze Eze, a 42-year-old man, said he was also unaware that spinach has a libido. According to him, he doesn’t eat it because he doesn’t like the taste.

nutritional value

Musa Haruna notes that spinach is one of their local soups and is part of his family’s daily meal. “It’s nutritious and I know it improves libido. I’m a Hausa man and we eat it with masa, our local food, and my wife can attest that I’m not bad in the other room,” he said.

Interestingly, all of the sellers interviewed at the time the story was submitted were missing the information that spinach could serve as a libido booster.

All they knew was that it was a natural blood booster Chika Chinonso, a vegetable vendor, said she sells the vegetable because it donates blood and makes skin glow.

“I don’t know what Libido is, but I do know that Efo is very good for the body and people buy it, both men and women, buy it from us,” he said. Fulelah Abdul, a young spinach seller, said she sells “green” (spinach) because people like the soup. “Green is healthy and the soup is delicious,” she said.

A male spinach seller, who gave his name simply as Hassan, said: “I only sell vegetables, but I don’t like to eat vegetable soup. If you like it, eat it and buy it from me. I’m just doing my business,” he noted.


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