The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s burrata and spring vegetable toast will make you the star of your next dinner party


The pioneer woman prepared a delicious spring meal. Here’s how to make Ree Drummond’s Burrata and Spring Vegetable Toast.

Ree Drummond’s Burrata and Spring Vegetable Toast

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Drummond says this is a “lovely” appetizer. She starts this dish by grilling vegetables. She puts asparagus and red peppers in a bowl and drizzles olive oil over them. Then she sprinkles salt and pepper on top and tosses the asparagus and peppers in the olive oil, salt and pepper mixture. Next, Drummond places the veggies on a grill. This is the perfect meal if you’re looking for some of Drummond’s best vegetable dishes.

For the next step, Drummond makes toast. She says her recipe was inspired by a toast she had during a meal with her daughter Alex and Mauricio Scott, Alex Drummond’s husband. She says the toast was so good she could have had it as an entree.

Prepare burrata and spring vegetable toast

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Drummond prepares sourdough bread slices by drizzled with olive oil. “Anytime you’re making toast like bruschetta, you definitely want a large surface area,” advises Drummond during The Pioneer Woman Show.

Next, Drummond places the slices of bread, oil side down, on the grill. She says you have to arrange the bread to fit next to the veggies. “All I have to do here is rearrange and solve the puzzle,” says Drummond. She makes sure to drizzle the other side of the bread with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

After that, Drummond says, the job is to “babysit” the vegetables and toast so they don’t burn. She says this part of the prep phase takes about four to five minutes. She says it’s important to turn the vegetables and turn the toast.

Once the vegetables are grilled, Drummond removes them. “I just think something magical happens when you grill vegetables. You just turn into that kind of otherworldly substance. i just love her A platter of grilled vegetables is my idea of ​​a good time,” jokes Drummond.

Assembling the vegetable toast

Next, Drummond assembles the toast. She’s excited about this part because she says she has a beautiful plate that looks like it was designed just for the occasion. (It looks like the platter is from her Walmart Pioneer Woman collection.) Because the pieces of toast are large, Drummond says this appetizer could probably serve eight people.

For the finishing touch, Drummond drizzles pesto from a bag onto the bread slices. She says you can spoon pesto onto the bread, but she’s a fan of the squeeze bag. “I love squeeze bags!” she exclaims during her cooking demonstration. She says part of the pesto should go on the bread and part on the plate for presentation.

Drummond uses a spatula to spread the pesto on the bread. She recommends using a generous amount. “Don’t be shy with pesto. I think this is a big pesto mistake people make. You just dab a little if you really want it.

Next, Drummond takes out the burrata and puts a whole piece on each slice of bread. “Burrata is an amazing cheese, and it’s stuffed cheese, which is fresh mozzarella stretched and stuffed with a really creamy mozzarella-like cheese, but it’s super soft and basically the second you flick it with a fork or… If you cut it open with a knife, it just falls apart and it’s amazing,” says Drummond. “If you love fresh mozzarella, burrata is even better.”

Drummond says this appetizer is so delicious, you’ll be a “star” at your next dinner party. The full ingredient list and instructions can be found here.

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