The Spanish government approves a legislative package to implement the CAP in the fruit and vegetable sector


On Tuesday 11th October the Council of Ministers approved a legislative package consisting of three royal decrees to support the activities of fruit and vegetable producer organizations in the framework of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

As part of this normative package, the government approved a royal decree regulating the means and operational programs of fruit and vegetable producer organizations and their associations within the sectoral intervention to achieve the objectives of the CAP 2023 strategic plan. 2027

This scheme offers fruit and vegetable growers the opportunity to achieve their targets through their producer organizations through opportunities to increase support from the new CAP, while responding to society’s demands for better environmental protection.

The Government also approved a Royal Decree amending the recognition criteria of fruit and vegetable producer organizations to meet the needs identified during the preparation of the Strategic Plan, which are in line with both the recommendations of the Commission for the preparation of the National Strategic Plan and the Diagnosis, made during the creation of this document. The industry will be granted a four-year adjustment period.

The third royal decree approved amends the 2018 royal decree that regulates the operational programs of producer organizations in the fruit and vegetable sector. The aim is to alleviate the difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine and the negative effects of the drought and frost episodes in the spring of the last campaign, which have affected the normal development of production in many Spanish regions.

This Royal Decree includes a number of relaxations of the law to alleviate the difficulties producer organizations face in the implementation and implementation of aid through operational programmes.

It also relaxes the percentage ceilings for certain program measures and establishes the conditions under which producer organizations can increase aid up to 70% of payments for measures that may have been implemented under operational programs whose implementation has declined — in relation to the approved operational programme.

Support for operational programs amounted to more than EUR 275 million in 2020 (the latest year for which complete data are available and which was paid in 2021), with an average annual increase of more than 5%. As expected, this development will continue in the next financial year.



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