Vegetable demand drives sales at Mash Direct


AGRI food company Mash Direct has increased its sales by £2m in the current financial year after a sharp rise in demand for prepared vegetables.

The sixth generation, family-run Comber company achieved sales growth of 9 percent in the fiscal year ended February 2021.

Despite the impact of the Covid pandemic on the hospitality sector and the company’s cost base, Mash Direct managed to deliver revenue growth and maintain gross profit margins.

Total sales for the Mash Direct range increased by 9 per cent, more than double the growth of the ready meals category (3.6 per cent) in the UK.

The growth in sales was supported by a £7.5m investment in Mash Direct’s business last year to increase factory capacity and staff levels. It also helped the brand continue on its promises to bolster its sustainability credentials, commitments that have seen it secure listings with Co-Op and Morrisons in recent months.

This has also allowed for an increase in salary costs to attract new talent and drive continued growth. 31 new positions have been created in the last 12 months, including production management in the factory’s new frying line and roles in IT, health and safety, human resources and marketing.

The brand’s factory expansion and new office building is now complete with modernization techniques including packaging robots already installed. The farm has grown from 70 acres in 2003 to 1,600 acres in 2021.

Jack Hamilton, Chief Executive at Mash Direct, said: “Fundamental to our growth strategy is a continued commitment to innovation and growing our team, capabilities and sustainability.

“As a result, our revenue growth exceeded 9 percent in February 2022 despite the global pandemic.

“We look forward to continuing to invest in our business and people here at Mash Direct, alongside our commitment to becoming even more sustainable as a company.”


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