What selling Qdoba really means to customers


From the information now available, it is clear that the Qdoba merger can only bode well for fans. On August 9, National Restaurant News announced that Butterfly Equity plans to acquire Qdoba Mexican Eats between now and the end of September. Butterfly Equity is the parent company of Modern Markets and prides itself on its focus on healthy, organic foods. There are plans to merge Modern Market Eatery, Lemonade, and Qdoba into a single restaurant platform, but all three will continue to operate as separate brands with separate locations.

In terms of how the merger will impact on the day-to-day level, it seems that the Mexican fast-food chain’s customers have seen nothing but growth so far, and Qdoba is gearing up for a colossal comeback. Butterfly Equity plans to expand all three brands and expects to open more than 300 new Qdoba locations by 2027. Adam Waglay, CEO of Butterfly Equity, described the three restaurants as “perfectly positioned for the future of delicious dining [and] “Flexible and Affordable Menu Choices”, so it seems unlikely that the new owners will make changes to the menu. While it’s possible that Butterfly Equity will make some changes, no announcements have been made. Overall, no drastic changes appear to be coming to Qdoba yet .


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