Would organic stores fare better when paired with conventional grocery stores?


August 30, 2022

In 2020, Schnucks opened EatWell, A Natural Food Store by Schnucks in Columbia, MO with a focus on natural, organic, local and specialty products. Last week, the company open a mini Schnucks Express next door with many customer favorites available at traditional Schnucks stores throughout the Midwest.

The Schnucks Express occupies approximately 11,000 square feet of the 42,000 square foot building. It has its own entrance but is also accessible through the EatWell store. The average Schnucks is around 60,000 square meters.

“After listening to feedback from our customers, we learned that they like EatWell’s natural and organic offerings, but also seek the convenience of conventional foods,” said David Isinghood, senior director of EatWell/Health and Wellness at Schnucks. “We invite our customers to stop by and check out both the expanded selection of traditional customer favorites and the enhanced shopping experience of natural and Good For You items at EatWell/Schnucks Express.”

Americans’ appetite for natural and organic foods has grown steadily over the past few decades, but price has long been seen as a barrier, and many Americans retain a strong affinity for their favorite conventional foods.

A consumer reports opinion poll of 2,200 US consumers conducted in April found that fruits and vegetables remain the dominant category in which consumers are looking for organic options. When asked which categories of groceries they buy labeled “organic,” 62 percent named fruits and vegetables, followed a long way by eggs at 37 percent; meat and poultry, 35 percent; Dairy products (ie milk, cheese, yogurt), 32 percent; packaged foods (i.e., cereal, pasta, rice), 20 percent; Bread and other baked goods 16 percent and frozen meals 11 percent.

When asked whether organic should be compared to conventional food, organic scores positively because it is better Limiting exposure to synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, their impact on the environment and the treatment of livestock. However, 44 percent felt that organic food was about the same in terms of nutritional quality, while 41 percent thought organic was better. When asked about the taste, 52 percent saw organic as about the same as conventional food, 31 percent saw organic as tasting better.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Does Schnucks Express complement Schnucks’ EatWell concept with conventional favorite dishes? What is the probability that the Schnucks Express/EatWell combination will be more successful than EatWell alone?

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“Yes, both should complement each other. Consumers cross-shop and visit three to five stores a week, depending on factors.”


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